Bank of America App Redesign

Company: Intrepid Pursuits || Time: 2 weeks || Team Members: Individual Project || Tools: Sketch, Invision
high fidelity mockups

While at Intrepid Pursuits, as a design exercise, I was tasked with redesigning an application of my choice. I chose to redesign the Bank of America app. There are many issues to be addressed with their current app, and given the high volume of users I believed it would be a valuable exercise in helping users more easily digest large amounts of complex information. In addition to an app redesign, I did a revamp of the visual identity.

Rethinking Navigation

First, I took time to rethink the high level navigation of the app. The currently application has an overly complicated navigation, with 3 items in the top nav, 5 in the bottom nav, and no clear organization. To simplify this, consolidated some main actions into one action button, making room for other items across the bottom and putting just the profile in the top nav.

Sketching & Wireframes



The dashboard is the main access point for a user to get to their accounts and complete main actions. I kept the emphasis on accounts and elevated deposit and transfer buttons. My updated visual style is aims to remove visual clutter and use high contrast only to highlight important areas.

current design
new design


When rethinking accounts, there were 3 types to consider; checking, savings, and credit. The current design treats all of these accounts the same (with the exception of credit) and simply puts all transactions and others actions in a list below the account balance. To create more hierarchy I did 2 things; create a tab menu to help organize the information, and show contextual information for each type of account with the balance. For checking accounts users see spending breakdown, for savings accounts users see account balance over time, and for credit accounts users see payment cycle information.

The three tabs I created are Transactions, Documents, and Details. Everything that was originally in one long list is now organized into these three sections.

current design
new design


new design